How To Repair A Leaking Kitchen Faucet – Washer Type

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of different kitchen faucet makes and models that available today. This can be fun and exciting when your shopping for a faucet but can be equally overwhelming and confusing if you need to repair one.

Mechanically speaking, there are basically two types of kitchen sink faucets:

Washer type faucets (also called compression)
Washer-less faucets
Today, you are going to learn about how to repair a leaking kitchen faucet that has a washer samsung washer repair los angeles. Washer type faucets come with a rubber washer that seals against a valve seat. When the rubber washer hardens, or wears out, or the seat itself wears down, this can often cause the faucet to leak. You can tighten the faucet which may slow down or even stop the leakage, but it can also cause internal damage that may result in having to buy a new kitchen sink faucet.

Fix Your Dripping Faucet In Six Simple Steps

Shut Off Your Water Supply
Take Your Kitchen Sink Faucet Apart
Examine Kitchen Faucet Parts
Replace Worn Out Faucet Parts If Needed
Re-face Washer Seat If Needed
Reinstall kitchen Faucet
To repair your leaky faucet, the first step is to shut off your water supply. First, look to see if there is a shut off valve under the fixture, if not there, then you can always turn off the hot water supply right at your water heater.

Okay, once your water supply is turned off, you will want to take your kitchen sink faucet apart. This is done by removing the handles. First loosen the screws with a Phillips screwdriver. The screw is usually underneath an ornamental cap. You will need to first get the cap off and you can do this by either screwing it off or gently prying at it with a butter knife. If necessary, you can use pliers to take off the faucet caps…if you use this method, you can protect them with electrical tape or even cloth so you won’t harm the finish.

When you lift up the handle, you will be able to unscrew the packing nut and this will expose the rest of the kitchen faucet. You will want to make sure you remove the faucet stem by rotating it in the “on” direction, or you will risk stripping the threads.

Okay now that you have your faucet torn apart, it is time to examine your kitchen faucet parts. A compression kitchen faucet (washer-type) has the falling parts:

Handle screw
Stem nut
Packing nut
Packing nut
Seat washer
Washer screw
Valve Seat
Faucet Body
Start by examining the stem to make sure that the threads are not badly worn our or eroded. (you may need to replace the stem if the threads are worn out)

Sometimes, the cause of a leaking faucet, can be the washer. You will find the washer on the lower end of the stem. It is usually held in place by a brass screw. If the washer is completely flattened or has an indentation, it will need to be replaced.

The washer seat is the next piece to examine. It is hard to tell if it is worn out by simply looking at it. It is a good idea to reface the washer seat while your kitchen faucet is torn apart. This is done with a seat dressing tool. Sometimes, the leaking problem results from a damaged washer seat, if this is the case, you will go through washers more often. Sometimes a washer seat will become un-threaded. It may be possible to replace the washer seat if your finding this is the cause.

To find out if your have the type of washer/valve seat that can be replaced, take a look at the hole to see if it is square or hexagonal or a hole through the center with a slotted for a screwdriver. If the washer seat only has a round hole in the center and has no slots, then you won’t be able to replace it.

If you need to replace the washer seat in order to keep the faucet from leaking after replacing other parts…and you don’t have the type that can be replaced, then it may be time to purchase a new kitchen faucet.

The Dos and Don’ts of Do-It-Yourself Appliance Repair

Broken appliance? Read on for a few tips and tricks that will help you out when you try DIY appliance repairs.

When one of your home appliances stops working properly, the first thing many homeowners do is dive right in and try to fix it themselves. While DIY appliance repair can be both effective and satisfying, make sure you take the time to get the job done right. Here are some important dos and don’ts you’ll want to observe for your repair project.

Do try to troubleshoot the problem yourself dryer repair san marino. Helping to narrow down the possibilities when it comes to what’s causing your appliance’s malfunction is always time well spent. From leaks and puddles to strange noises, being able to identify the source of the issue is the first step in any successful DIY repair. But even if you don’t end up completing the work yourself, you’ll know which way to point the appliance repair pro when he or she arrives, so you won’t have wasted a moment.

Don’t do anything until the power is off! When you’re dealing with electricity, it’s important to put safety first. Before you start taking off access panels or poking and prodding your appliance’s innards, make sure that the appropriate breaker is safely shut off. Or to be completely certain the power is disconnected, just go ahead and unplug the appliance from the outlet. Electrical shocks are no joke, and especially if you’re dealing with the dryer (and its 220 volts), it’s way better to be safe than sorry!

Do use all of the resources available to you. There’s nothing wrong with asking for a little help. Checking the owner’s manual, manufacturer’s Web site, and other online sources for troubleshooting advice, parts recommendations, and repair procedures is a great idea. These tools can offer vital insight for getting the job done both efficiently and effectively. Everything from washing machine repair to hot tub repair is much more straightforward with the guidance of an online diagnostic checklist, repair manual, or other expert direction.

Don’t feel bad if you end up needing to call in an appliance repair professional in the end. Whether you don’t feel safe handling that dryer repair or you’re worried that the refrigerator repair is going to be too much for you to handle on your own, you shouldn’t feel bad if the job is beyond what you’re willing to tackle on your own. After all, your local appliance repair technician is a trained professional who has extensive qualifications and tools to be able to resolve your appliance’s malfunction, so don’t get too down on yourself if you’re not up to doing the job with a wrench and a set of instructions printed off the Internet.

Frequent Washing Machine Faults That Are No Sweat to Repair

The washer is undoubtedly one of the vital time saving home equipment we personal within the kitchen. Previously washing garments meant getting a tin tub full of soapy water and getting the washboard out, now although there’s a machine that we throw soiled laundry in and inside an hour or so get freshly cleaned garments and a few fashions may even dry them for us so they’re virtually able to put on.

If our washer have been to interrupt down then the prospect of going again to the washboard is out of the query and Laundromats should not as straightforward to seek out as they used to within the days when folks did not have the area or cash for a washer. After all you could possibly purchase an inexpensive substitute to get again in your ft however even then you definitely’ll be paying greater than it’s a must to and a less expensive mannequin might not imply you get the identical high quality of cleansing or options that you simply want lg washer repair los angeles.

There are widespread faults that aren’t value throwing your washer away for and will simply as simply be repaired by a certified engineer to get our home equipment working easily once more. A washer that’s struggling to spin or has developed a louder sound when it’s in full circulate might imply the motor is flawed. Washer motor replacements are simply sourced in your specific washer model and mannequin and you could possibly fairly simply get it changed to get your washer again to life.

Water and electrical energy are wanted to work a washeras properly as a tumble dryer and typically the water provide can have issues such because the hose having come lose or not feeding sufficient water into your machine or the alternative with the water not draining away correctly. To save lots of having to get the mop out everytime you need to wash some garments a repairs engineer may simply make certain all water provide hoses are linked and dealing correctly.

Contemplating chances are you’ll spend far more to get a substitute that you have not ready for you could possibly save your self a big monetary hit by hiring a washer restore man as most repairs will be accomplished there on the spot and take little or no time so you will get again to washing the garments or some other laundry that will have begun to stack up.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Stove And Oven

Every home needs a stove or an oven. It is where people cook food for the family. There are lots of ovens available in the market yet it may be hard to pick which one is the best.

The word stove comes from the Old English word stofa. It means any enclosed space, like a room. It was during the 19th century when it was used to mean as a single heating room.

There are many types of stove and oven repair pasadena. Some examples are the three stone, coal and the kitchen stove. All these are stoves that can be used depending on your preference. The three stone and coal stoves are mostly used outdoors while the kitchen stove is mostly used indoors.

It may be difficult for some to choose between a gas and an electric stove. A gas stove may save you more money when it comes to everyday cooking while the electric stove is okay for occasional cooking. It takes around 300 kWh a year just to pre-heat an electric oven while it takes only a few seconds to pre-heat using a gas stove. However, a gas stove costs more money upfront than an electric oven since it is easier and more economical to operate.

There are many oven designs available these days. Some go for custom-made stoves while the others prefer ready-made ones. It may be more practical to get a free-standing oven than a built-in oven in case the homeowner wishes to change the style of his or her kitchen someday. A built-in oven and stove can save space in a kitchen since the owner can decide how big or small it would be and can also add to the overall value to a home’s worth if he or she would sell it in the future. There are some who prefer a double especially those who have big families. The costs, savings, and benefits of a double oven are felt when a family runs a food business or cooks a lot especially during occasions.

It may be hard for some to look for the best brand of oven in the market. One should always check which brands offer the best price for their value. Should one get an oven, it is advised to look for those brands with the Energy Star logo which gives about 30 to 50 percent energy savings. There are brands that require less service or are cheaper to service which can be beneficial to you especially when time comes that your oven needs some repairs.

No matter what oven you choose, it is important to consider the long-term savings it will give you. If you are a wise consumer, you should always check any appliance’s efficiency to save you from further repairs and probable replacement.

All You Wanted To Know About Industrial Ovens

Industrial ovens are very large, customized ovens that are used in large factories for producing bakery items, earthenware, ceramics, electronic components, metal ware, and so on. These are of different kinds, depending on the kind of treatment they will be used for in the production process. For example, while curing ovens are used to develop and maintain a specific high temperature to allow a certain chemical reaction to happen, drying ovens are used to remove moisture. Reflow ovens are used for manufacturing of electronic equipment, and the others are used for a combination of all these functions stove and oven repair altadena.

It is true though, that while extremely useful, the industrial ovens demand a very high level of maintenance. If they are not cleaned and polished regularly, then these types of ovens may become a death trap. This is because over a period of time, the ovens tend to get coated with soot and other harmful chemicals. These, when they escape into the atmosphere and enter into the lungs of workers, they may cause harmful diseases. Also, such ovens must always be kept in a free, open place and not in places such as basements, as the risk of a fire hazard would then be extremely high.

However, if you ensure that the ovens are cleaned regularly as per the manual’s instructions, you can be sure that they would remain perfectly functional for a long period of time, and without anybody getting hurt. In addition, these ovens have to be maintained as per a very stringent set of rules and standards set by the authorities. They must not be placed in closeted areas, and there should be an open outlet to help release hot air and other gases out in such a way that it doesn’t endanger the lives of anybody in the area.

In the past, industrial ovens were usually the huge guzzlers of energy. This is mainly because of the low efficiency caused by the hot air which had to be allowed to escape, thus causing the oven to lose heat and more energy had to be spent to keep it at the optimum temperature. The hot air had to be allowed to escape – else the oven would become a high pressure trap and burst.

However, these days, the latest technologies have enabled ovens to get much more fuel efficient. There are a series of nozzles and ducts which enables the hot air in the oven to be circulated inside rather than escape outwards. This keeps the oven heated, and it ends up with a fuel efficiency of at least 5 times higher than the traditional ones.

This is also being achieved by ensuring that the nozzles and the ducts are at perfectly poised angles so as to cause circulation without the accumulation of excessive pressure. These ovens are being embraced by industries all over the world. It helps industries reduce their carbon foot print, and diminish the operational overheads of energy costs, hence enabling companies to provide cheaper, more eco friendly products to the consumers.

A Few Common Problems When Dealing With Faulty Dishwasher

If you are like many people in America, then you are relying on your dishwasher to do the bulk of your cleaning. A dishwasher can save your hours a day if you have a large family because of the amount of dishes you go through. Having your washer break on your can be a huge blow and you might not have time to do all of the cleaning by hand. Luckily there are usually companies who can come out almost any time of day to take a look and see what is wrong with yours. There a few common things that usually go wrong with dishwashers like poor cleaning, getting clogged, not turning on at all and many others.

If your dishwasher is having trouble getting your dishes clean maytag dishwasher repair pasadena, it could be a number of things causing the problem. The most common is that it is either not getting any water, or not getting enough water to clean them properly. If you are not getting any water, you can check the water shut off value usually located beneath the sink and make sure it is open to allow water to flow to the washer. Next, if it is still not getting water, you may need to check the water value on the inside of the dishwasher, it could either be disable or faulty. In the later case, it might be better to contact a repair specialist so you don’t cause any other problems.

Another common problem is that the water is not draining out of the dishwasher after the cleaning is done. This can be caused by a few things but not limited to; air in the drain line, a broken belt or pump or just something clogging the drain. The first step to fixing this problem should be to check the drain for any blockages that you can remove. Sometimes large pieces of food or even silverware can cause drainage problems. Most of the other problems that can cause a clog will need to be replaced by a qualified service professional to risk additional damage to your appliance. Depending on the severity of your problem, it can be very affordable to have it fixed.

There are many things that can go wrong with dishwashers these days, and it’s important to not try to do too much on your own if you don’t know what you are doing. The electrical and mechanical parts of these machines are very delicate and its best left to the professionals to remove and replace parts for repairs.

Dishwasher Cleaning Tips

Repair and cleaning are two very different things and if you’re not careful in cleaning something, you just might end up having to repair it. Take special care in cleaning household items, especially electronics. As a rule, electronic products should not come in contact with liquid. Water and cables don’t get along. Technically speaking, most household appliances are waterproof, like the blender or the washing machine, but others like television sets and stereos are still at risk from water torture. You have to take extra care in cleaning these appliances.

Electronic appliances are as sophisticated as they come lg dishwasher repair pasadena, which makes cleaning them difficult. As a rule, only use a dry cloth to clean these items, or a damp one if necessary, but never a sponge still dripping of liquid detergent and soap to clean the oven. A piece of dry cloth and some surface polish should be more than enough to clean any electronic appliance not belonging in the kitchen (such as your TV, radio and personal computer). Spray a small amount of polish onto the cloth and wipe.

When repairing, it’s best that you call a professional technician to do the job, kitchen appliance or not. Don’t risk getting electrocuted or damaging the appliance beyond repair. Professional services do not cost much and they’re usually well worth the price. You should also always check the appliance papers to see if it’s still covered under warranty. The only thing better than a repaired appliance is a repaired appliance covered under warranty.

Professional Appliance Repairs Restore Safety As Well As Convenience to Your Home

So often, when we think about having a broken appliance fixed, we frame the problem in terms of convenience: malfunctioning dryers make us hang dry the laundry or spend the time and effort visiting the laundromat across town; inoperative ovens mean the cost of takeout or frozen meals; faulty dishwashers lead to hours spent hand washing plates and pots. But the truth is, when one of your household appliances is acting up, it isn’t just an issue of convenience. In many cases, it can also be a matter of safety.

Some appliance malfunctions can be perfectly benign samsung dishwasher repair pasadena. Others can put your family and your home at risk. For the average homeowner or amateur, telling the difference can be difficult, so as a rule of thumb, you’ll always want to call a professional appliance repair company if you suspect your stove, dryer, or other household appliance is creating a danger in your home. The following are just some of the many ways in which appliances that are on the fritz can be dangerous:


The National Fire Data Center reports that in 2007 approximately 15,600 house fires were started by clothes dryers. The majority of these fires can be attributed to dryer vents clogged with lint. Incidentally, one of the most noticeable signs that your dryer vent needs to be cleaned is decreased drying ability. If clothes are coming out of the dryer damp after a normal timed cycle, if the “more dry” setting results in your dryer running longer and longer to handle the same volume of clothes, or if you’ve noticed that your dryer just doesn’t seem to be working efficiently, stop using your dryer right away. The problem may not end up being a blocked vent, but you won’t know for sure until after you’ve called for dryer appliance repairs. The risk of fire–and its danger to your home and your family–just isn’t worth it.

Ovens, Stoves, and Cooktops

The U.S. Fire Administration reports that cooking appliances are the leading cause of both home fires and home fire injuries in this country. While many of these fires are started as a result of unattended cooking or flammable objects left on a hot surface, others can be caused by malfunctioning appliances themselves. Stoves and ovens that are deteriorated or damaged can heat up on the outside, spark, and even heat uncontrollably. Any one of these behaviors could result in burns as well as fire hazards, so if your cooking appliance is acting up, be sure to call for oven repair ASAP.

And of course, with any gas appliance, there is always the chance that a leak may be the problem. Gas leaks are obviously extremely dangerous, and attempting DIY gas dryer repair or oven service tends to create additional issues, so any time a performance flaw crops up with a gas appliance, your best bet is to call in an appliance repair technician for immediate service. This keeps any health and safety hazards to an absolute minimum.

Find out how to Exchange the Lid Swap on a Whirlpool Washer

So, you’ve got returned to the laundry room with a washer sitting idle and filled with moist clothes. One of the crucial frequent causes of a direct drive washer that doesn’t spin is a defective lid swap. This can be a frequent restore for Whirlpool, Kitchen-aid, Kenmore and Roper top-load washers. Comply with these steps and your washer might be again to draining very quickly whirlpool washer repair los angeles.

To confirm if the lid swap is damaged, gently decrease the lid and you need to hear a click on when the lid actuator contacts the lid swap. Additionally, a multi-meter can be utilized to check a lid swap however you’ll need to achieve entry to the inside of the washer.

First, unplug the washer earlier than you start any restore. Subsequent, you’ll have to take away the console however there are a number of methods to do that relying in your mannequin washer. The commonest method is to take away the tip caps from either side of the console. That is finished by firmly pulling ahead on the prime of the tip cap till it snaps free. You’ll then see one screw on either side of the console that can must be eliminated. With screws eliminated, pull ahead and flip up the entire console gently and let it relaxation backwards. Subsequent, unplug the lid swap connector harness.

Now you should utilize your multi-meter to test the lid swap for continuity with the lid resting within the closed place. If the swap is defective, the cupboard will be eliminated to achieve entry to it for alternative.

With the console up and utilizing a screwdriver, the spring clips on either side of the highest cupboard will be eliminated. Gently pop the clips out and set them apart. Subsequent, attain in with one hand grabbing the cupboard whereas the opposite holds the lid open and pull the cupboard ahead.

Carry the cupboard’s lid and you will note that the lid swap is held in place with two screws. Take away these screws with a Phillips-head screwdriver and in addition take away the bottom screw connected to the cupboard. Push the grey tube holding the wires out of the clip that holds it and launch the plug from the slot within the prime of the cupboard.

Reinstall the brand new lid swap by securing it to the washer with the 2 retaining screws. Place the wire meeting again beneath the within fringe of the cupboard and insert the brand new swap connector into the slot within the prime of the cupboard.

The cupboard will be reinstalled by guiding the entrance decrease a part of the cupboard underneath the washer assist body first, after which letting the cupboard set backwards. There are locking tabs on the washer’s backside body that the cupboard will fall into. It might take a number of tries to place the cupboard appropriately so be affected person. After the cupboard is again in place, reattach the highest cupboard clips by pushing them firmly into the cupboard slots. Lastly, the wiring harness for the lid swap will be reattached and the console secured with the 2 retaining screws.

Appliance Repair & Maintenance

I’m back to tell you the importance of maintenance on your appliance. These Tips are directed to your Refrigerator, Ice Machine and Dryer, of course the Brand of the machine does not matter (Example: Whirlpool, Kenmore) etc…

Save Time and money! Create a maintenance schedule on your appliances. Do it yourself by checking your manual. Most people don’t even look at the manual of their appliance. If you don’t have your manual, you can try to look it up online or call the manufacture of your appliance lg stove and oven repair pasadena.

Maintenance tips

Ice Machines:

The type of Ice Machine I’m referring to is a Stand Alone Ice Machine. Mostly manufactured by: Kitchen Aid ,Whirlpool… This Ice Machine’s have a evaporator plate that water runs over to create a block of ice. After time this plate needs to be cleaned or the block of ice will not drop into the cutting grid or will take longer than normal to drop, creating problems with your appliance.

To solve this problem you can put your ice machine in clean mode and use cleaner to clean your ice machine. Directions for this are normally on the ice machine door. If not found there you can get a basic cleaning method off the cleaning bottle. I recommend a nickel save cleaner. As always please check your manual. Ps make sure you rinse the system with clean water after cleaning. The cleaner is a acid cleaner. If you don’t think you can does this please call an appliance pro.


Is your dryer taking too long to dry your clothes? The first thing you should check is your outside vent. Some vents are located on your roof, so please be careful if you’re going to do this yourself. Some are located on the outside wall behind the dryer and can easily be cleared out. If you’re going to call a repair service to clear your vent you should ask if they clear vents, some appliance companies don’t clean venting.

If your vent is clear and you’re still having same problem: call a appliance service company.


Most Refrigerators have condenser coils that need to be cleaned. These coils keep the compressor cool and help the performance of the machine, saving you Money. Of course check your manual for the location of these coils and if there accessible from the front of the machine you can get a coil brush cleaner to clean the condenser coils. Use the coil cleaning brush for this job. You can usually get one at home depot or Lows at the appliance area; just ask for a refrigerator coil cleaning brush.